Tragic end for elderly couple in Guimaras

By Jennifer P. Rendon

An elderly couple was tragically found deceased near their residence in San Lorenzo, Guimaras, on the afternoon of March 15. Nestor and Remedios Egaran, both 64, met a gruesome fate just outside their home in Sitio Bubog, Barangay Constancia.

“It was a tragic death for the couple,” said Colonel Rhea Santos, the Guimaras police director.

Remedios was found decapitated, while Nestor’s head was mostly severed.

The grim discovery was made when Nestor’s brother came by their property around 3 p.m. on Friday to discuss plans for their parents’ death anniversary. He stumbled upon the headless body of Remedios in front of their house, and shortly after, found the remains of Nestor a few meters away.

At the scene, authorities recovered six shotgun cartridges, suggesting the use of a 12-gauge firearm in the incident.

Santos cited the couple’s isolated living conditions, noting that their village is 15 kilometers from the town center and without nearby neighbors.

Rosita Tanaleon, a local health worker, reported hearing what sounded like gunshots around 3:30 p.m. on March 13. Initially dismissing the noise as firecrackers, she did not investigate further.

Santos speculated that both victims might have been shot at close range with a shotgun, leading to the disfigurement of their bodies, which were later possibly scavenged by stray animals before their discovery.

Currently, the police have no suspects or persons of interest in the case. Investigations are ongoing to determine whether the couple had known adversaries or conflicts that could shed light on this heinous crime.