Tree crushes man to death

By: Jennifer P. Rendon 

A 40-year-old man died after he was pinned by a tree morning of June 12, 2019.

The incident happened a few meters away from the house of the victim, Edgar Lamera, at Barangay Cubay, San Enrique, Iloilo.

Police Captain Rowena Hubero, San Enrique police chief, said Lamera was helping his brother-in-law cut down a coconut tree that posed a hazard on their house.

But the tree fell on Lamera and crushed his neck. He was rushed to Iloilo Provincial Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

Hubero confirmed that Lamera nor his relatives did not ask for permit from the Philippine Coconut Authority to cut down the tree.

Republic Act No. 10593, which amended RA No. 8048, regulates the cutting of coconut trees and its replenishment.

The act calls for the prohibition of cutting coconut trees except for some circumstances where a permit is still needed.

These exceptions are: when the tree is 60 years old in the case of tall varieties, and at least 40 years old for dwarf varieties; when the tree is no longer economically productive; and when the tree is severely disease-infested and beyond rehabilitation.

These also include trees severely damaged by typhoon or lightning; and when the tree would cause hazard to life and property, among others.