Treñas: Persona non grata vs. DPWH Iloilo City chief stays

By Rjay Zuriaga Castor

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas announced that the persona non grata, or “undesirable and unwelcome,” declaration against the head of the Department of Public Works and Highways-Iloilo City District Engineering Office (DPWH-ICDEO) remains in effect despite a conversation with the official.

The city mayor said he met with ICDEO Engineer Roy Pacanan following the latter’s request in an open letter to Treñas on June 13.

The conversation aimed to clarify delays in several infrastructure projects in the city and the construction of a permanent office for the ICDEO.

“I met District Engineer Pacanan upon his request, with his employees and the City Legal Office. I listened to him, and he listened to me. We both listened to each other,” Treñas said.

When asked if he would lift or revoke the declaration, Treñas made it clear that the persona non grata executive order (EO) he signed on June 11, which was made available to the public on June 13, would stay.

The EO is in addition to a resolution passed by the city council declaring the same.

Treñas said Pacanan failed to explain the project delays satisfactorily. He also highlighted a report from the Office of the Building Official (OBO), which indicated that several DPWH projects on local government unit (LGU) lands lacked approval and building permits, a clear violation of the building code.

“Some projects have already started, are about to be completed, or are already completed. The OBO has a list of these projects. The LGU was never consulted. Some can still be rectified, but others cannot,” he added.