Truck driver shoots fellow driver over old grudge

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A truck driver remains at large after shooting his fellow driver on the evening of June 6 in Pavia, Iloilo.

Police launched a hot pursuit operation to arrest Adrian Lozada Latoza, 43, a resident of Barangay Bagongbong, Lambunao town, but the suspect managed to escape.

According to reports, Glenn Siman Pasol, 48, of Barangay Sambag Culob, Anilao, Iloilo, and his nephew, Christian Pasol, were having drinks inside their quarters in Barangay Balabag, Pavia, when the suspect barged in.

Without any apparent reason, the suspect shot Glenn using a caliber .38 revolver, hitting him in the abdomen.

Members of the Pavia Emergency Responders took the victim to the nearest hospital for medical treatment. He is now in stable condition.

Major Dadje Delima, Pavia police chief, said it wasn’t clear why Latoza attacked Pasol. However, police investigators are looking at the possibility of personal conflict as the cause of the shooting incident.


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