Upgraded road facilitates convenient mobility along Bacolod North Road

Motorists and road users traversing Bacolod North Road and Bacolod-Murcia-Don Salvador Benedicto-San Carlos City Road now have more convenient, hassle-free, and faster transportation with the upgraded road delivered by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

DPWH-Negros Occidental Sub District Engineering Office improved a portion of Bacolod North Road, specifically in San Carlos City, which involves the asphalt overlay of the 450-meter long, 2-outer lane portion of the 4-lane road in the amount of ₱11.274 million.

Another 2-outer lane portion with a length of 1.237 kilometers was also overlaid with asphalt, in the amount of ₱30.222 million.

The district has also undertaken asphalt overlaying of the 3.494-kilometer, 4-lane portion of Bacolod-Murcia-Don Salvador Benedicto-San Carlos City Road, specifically in Don Salvador Benedicto town, in the amount of ₱100 million.

Citing from the report of OIC-District Engineer Juan Alfonso G. Jorbina, Sr., DPWH 6 OIC-Regional Director Sanny Boy O. Oropel said these road upgrading projects facilitate convenient mobility of people and transport of goods and services.

“The improved roads can cater more motorists and road users, and can even cater big trucks carrying sugarcane from plantations to milling stations, as well as delivery trucks carrying goods and products to various areas in the province,” Oropel said.

“Overlaying these roads with asphalt will ensure a smoother and more comfortable driving experience among our motorists and road users. Asphalt road is durable same and smooth; thus, pavement can last longer than expected,” Oropel added.

RD Oropel further emphasized that asphalt roads will facilitate faster and more convenient travel to the airport, which would encourage more tourists to visit numerous sites in the province, which will eventually augment economic and tourism development.

To ensure the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and the people in the community, especially at night, Oropel said these roads are equipped with reflectorized thermoplastic pavement markings and necessary warning signs for the safety of motorists as well as pedestrians.

“The pavement markings are visible at night that will guide our motorists to stay on their lanes, and will provide warning among our pedestrians not to go within the lane markings to avoid untoward incidents,” Oropel stressed.

Meanwhile, OIC-DE Juan Alfonso G. Jorbina, Sr. said asphalt road provides many benefits such as cost efficiency and reduced noise pollution. Overlaying roads with asphalt can improve the benefits for all road users and the environment.

“Asphalt road offers smoother travel, ensuring comfortable mobility for people, goods and services, hence, providing good roads will boost the economy and easier access to basic services,” Jorbina said.

“Paving roads with asphalt is also cost-efficient. With smoother pavement, vehicles could run smoothly on pavement, thus, maintenance costs will be reduced. It also reduces road noise that could help minimize road accidents,” Jorbina added. (DPWH)