UPV GDP holds month-long activities to celebrate National Women’s Month

The UPV Gender and Development Program (GDP), together with Ugsad Regional Gender Resource Center, celebrates the National Women’s Month through various activities which center on themes such as Women and Health, Women and the Family, Inclusivity and Intersectionality, Women and the Arts, and Celebrating Men as Allies.

Asked about the importance of the themes of the weekly activities, Prof. Moniq Muyargas, UPV GDP Director, said that the topics encompass the various intersecting identities women have in their personal, professional, and community lives.

“The month of March has always been a time for celebration, social justice campaign and an honorable tribute to women, their intersectionality, diversity and committed allies. March 2021 presents numerous challenges amidst our global health crises,” said Muyargas.

The theme, “We Make Change Work for Women,” has been the running slogan since 2017 until 2022. According to Muyargas, the theme is, “A holistic approach that urges society to make significant changes to address systemic and social inequalities and inequities still endured and navigated by Filipino women.”

Muyargas also reiterated that the Women’s Month is a reminder that women are empowering and empowered agents of change. She also said that celebration must go beyond just an annual campaign.

Since March 1, the UPV GDP, together with UGSAD, has done webtalks on the role of women and allies in the time of COVID-19, reproductive health, the family code, responsibile parenthood and family planning, gender-responsive parenting, and deconstruction of the myths and misconceptions about bisexual women and lesbians.

Moreover, UPV GDP has also joined the International Working Women’s Day mobilization and initiated an online research colloquium on women and gender, a conversation among women writers and artists from different sectors, and a web discussion with Palanca Awardees.

The UPV GDP hopes that through the activities, people get to understand the concerns and issues surrounding women’s intersecting identities.

“Tackling these gender-based concerns and issues through our events/activities is an urgent reminder to all our constituents and communities that the fight for gender equality is complex and needs to be viewed through diverse lenses,” Muyargas added.

The celebration continued with a series of monologues and songs entitled “Womenagerie” on March 26, 2021, 5:30 PM at the UPV Main Building. The event was directed by Prof. Alfredo B. Diaz. It featured performances by UPV Living Room Theater and UPV Alumni Community Theater. (Ms. Charmie Saligumba, Division of Humanities, CAS)