Who will replace Armand

By: Ranie Jangayo

Iloilo City is deep sorrow now with the passing away of City councilor Armand Parcon at 59. Parcon was well loved by the elderlies and Senior Citizens of the city whom he’s very well attached. He landed in the number 2 slot as a councilor elect in the May 13, 2019 mid-term elections.

After his first term Parcon he ran and never lost in his re-election bids and conituned to served as a city legislators for two terms. He will be remembered always by his supporters and colleagues in the city government and the media.

Parcon was also a known Bombo reporter in the 90’s. As a colleague and personal friend of the late Armand Solas Parcon I will always cherish our personal conversations concerning to the welfare of the elderlies and moments of friendship either in your office or in a coffee shop at Marymart Mall.

In so far as the Senior Citizens are concerned you have done a good job. You are a real public servant!

Farewell my friend till we meet again.




I learned it from Mrs. Virginia Parcon the widow of the late Armand Parcon that she’s not 100% in favor that Armand will pursue his re-election bid for health reason. Mrs. Parcon is concerned about his husband’s health condition since Parcon has just recovered from a lung cancer.

When Armand decided to run under the ticket of Cong. Jerry Treñas she began to worry. Even before the campaign period started Mayor elect Jerry Treñas was even suggesting of Parcon’s withdrawal and mentioned Parcon’s daughter who is a lawyer as replacement for his candidacy.

But Armand insisted to continue his bid which according to Treñas it is so strenous for Armand. And the campaign started, and on April 28 Armand was beginning to feel something bad and starts complaining to Mrs. Parcon. He was admitted and confined in the hospital even after May 13 elections until he was declared dead May 23 last night.




Will the power of succesion applies?

In the case of Honorable Armand Parcon who died as Councilor elect who can replace him? Who has the legal right? Is it lawful to a candidate who landed in the  number 13th slot in the May 13, 2019 elections will be declared as winner and how it affects the other councilors elect?

Mayor elect Jerry Treñas in an interview said that his political party which Armand was a member has the right to appoint one member of the family of Councilor elect Armand Parcon by reason of his death. Is Mayor elect Treñas’ opinion as a lawyer legally and lawfully correct?

DILG we need your opinion!


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