Why you should have your car ‘casa’ maintained

Many car owners dread having their vehicles “casa” maintained primarily due to one thing – high cost. Not to mention dealerships generally take more time in servicing your car which means more time apart from your precious ride.

Personally, I would recommend one have their car casa maintained, especially when the vehicle is still under warranty. One need only search online to find horror stories about vehicles suffering sudden breakdowns or malfunctions having to pay a hefty bill just because they missed one PMS or opted to have their car maintained elsewhere.

But having a higher price tag must mean better services right? Is having your car maintained by the manufacturer really worth it? Read along as we list the reasons why it’s in your best interests to have your car casa maintained:

  1. Where best to have your car maintained other than the dealership?

Now this one is really just plain common sense. If you had a problem with your Android phone you wouldn’t bring it to Apple, right? And since they were the ones who designed, manufactured, and assembled the vehicle in the first place, they would be the same people best-equipped to deal with whatever your car’s needs are.

  1. Dealerships use genuine parts

Let’s face it, if you want something to last, genuine parts are the way to go. Though they don’t come cheap, genuine parts tend to last longer, perform better, and most importantly don’t void your warranty.

  1. Quality of Work

Dealerships usually have trained personnel and the proper equipment to diagnose your car properly. This is even more important especially with the advent of electronics that require specific tools and programs to function correctly.

  1. Keep your warranty

Last week I had my car sent in for its regular PMS only to receive some bad news. The service attendant informed me that my Freon level was abnormally low and that they suspected a faulty evaporator unit. I immediately asked about the cost of repair, but the attendant calmly explained that since I hadn’t missed one PMS and that my car was still under the warranty period I need not pay even a single centavo.