Wimbledon: Naomi Osaka overpowers American foe to advance to the third round

Naomi Osaka cruises past Emma Navarro to punch a third-round ticket in the Wimbledon tourney (Paul Childs/Reuters via cnn.com)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

Naomi Osaka’s quest for another Grand Slam crown is still alive after sweeping Emma Navarro of the US- 6.4, 6.1- in the ongoing Wimbledon tennis tournament on July 4, 2024, held in London, England.

Coming off a shaky start after needing three sets to take down Diane Perry in her match opener, the former world no. 1 female tennis player finally regained her hitting rhythm and was in full effect against Navarro.

Osaka didn’t need any warm-ups against Navarro and immediately put on a show when she held all of her service possessions while keeping her baseline power consistent.

With Navarro always attacking the net to earn points, Osaka stepped her groundstroke game to neutralize the short-distance offense deployed by the American.

As the game sets went by, Osaka also ramped up her intensity and pulled off a lopsided display of tennis when the second set kicked off.

Unlike the first set where Navarro had some chances to force a tiebreaker, Osaka put the final nail in the coffin when she decided to go all out in her attacks.

Osaka started by unleashing heavy return aces to Navarro that forced her to change her approach midway through the second frame.

The Japanese superstar then capped off the win with a solid service hold and an impressive break that increased her lead to a sizable 5-1.

Despite a last-minute score streak from Navarro that made the last game point interesting, Osaka still managed to step on the gas pedal and pummeled the American with her signature forehand bomb to bag the win.

With the one-sided victory, Osaka just advanced to the third round of the most prestigious grass surface tournament and will still await her final opponent.


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