Women avail more PhilHealth benefits

Women members of PhilHealth avail 52.93% or more than P3.25 billion in health benefits from the P6,080,434,908 claims reimbursement of PhilHealth Regional Office VI for CY 2021.

This accounts to 454,200 benefit claims of women as compared to the 403,852 filed claims of men.

PhilHealth record shows that elderly women have the highest health care coverage of more than P997 million for 98,150 benefit claims followed by the indigent members with almost PP873 million health benefits for 131,554 claims.

PhilHealth has also paid nearly P712 million for the health care needs of 113,553 women under the Formal Sector and P668 Million as payment for 110,943 claims of members from the Informal Economy.

“We honor the significant role of women and its participation and contribution to our society,” said Acting Regional Vice President, Janet A. Monteverde adding that PhilHealth remains steadfast in providing benefit packages to respond to the health care needs of women.

In terms of benefit coverage for the deliveries of pregnant women, PhilHealth has financed P516 million for 55,674 deliveries whether through normal spontaneous delivery which has a package amount of P6,500 when availed in hospitals and P5,000 for those confined in lying-in or maternity clinics or via caesarian section at P19,000.

Meanwhile, services given to pregnant women during pre-natal, delivery and post-partum period are paid in the amount of P8,000 when provided in non-hospital facilities and P6,500 health benefits for deliveries done in hospitals.

For condition like breast cancer, coverage under the Z benefits is in the amount of P100,000 for the entire treatment course of the patient.

Aside from this, PhilHealth has a benefit package to shield the members from the high cost of treatment for cervical cancer.  A P125,000 coverage is afforded for those needing primary surgery or pelvic cobalt radiation with low dose brachytherapy while P175,000 is the package for pelvic radiation using linear accelerator and high dose brachytherapy.

Treatment for gynecologic conditions such as vaginal hysterectomy is covered at P30,300; ovarian cystectomy has a benefit amount of P23,300; mastectomy for P22,000 and dilation and curettage with P11,000 as treatment package.

For women undergoing hemodialysis, PhilHealth has released P363 million for 111,967 sessions and almost P78 million as payment for the 10,761 chemotherapy sessions.

PhilHealth pays for each dialysis session of patient at P2,600 for a maximum of 90 sessions per year and P7,280 for each cycle of chemotherapy.

“We see to it that these benefits are readily accessible to afford financial relief to our members following the UHC law on immediate eligibility,” Monteverde said.

To date, 352 hospital and non-hospital facilities as well as 2,817 health care professionals that are accredited with PhilHealth in Western Visayas. (PhilHealth 6-Public Affairs Unit)