World Record Holder of Pope Stamp Collections by a Filipino on display at Lipa City Cathedral

To commemorate the liturgical feast day that honors two martyrs of the Christian faith, St. Peter and St. Paul, the Philippine Postal Corporation (The Post Office) has launched its “Travelling Pope Stamps Exhibit” in Lipa City Cathedral in the province of Batangas featuring certified Guinness Book of World Records “Pope Stamp collections” of Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) Secretary General Kim Robert De Leon.

The public is invited to see the exhibit from June 30 to July 07, 2024 at the La Pieta Chapel Basilica in Lipa City.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest collection of stamps featuring Popes is 2,398, achieved by Kim Robert De Leon, a Filipino from Navotas, NCR, and Philippines on 22 February 2022.

Administrative and Finance Manager of Postal Area 4 Arvin Macandili in his speech in behalf of the new Chairman and Postmaster General Mike Planas, thank the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Sebastian, commonly known as Lipa Cathedral headed by its Most Reverend Archbishop Gilbert Armea Garcera for allowing the Post Office to hold this exhibit which is a celebration of the life and legacy of different Pope and their apostolic visit to the Philippines.

The Post Office wishes to make the memory of our popes with the Filipinos close and alive through this Pope Stamps Exhibition.

During the program, SecGen Kim said, “it is an honor for me to be given this opportunity to recognize my work and for my fellow Filipinos to appreciate it which I hope would inspire others especially the youth to collect postage stamps”.

Apart from our traditional postal service, the Post Office is seriously gearing towards how it can innovate in a digital-forward approach, improve its production and promote non-traditional uses of the collectibles (stamps) using the technology and the diverse social media.

This traveling Pope Stamps exhibit has previously been held in Manila and Malabon and is set to visit other venues in the country for the public to cherish and appreciate the value of stamp collecting in today’s generation.


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