Worth in networks

By Herman M. Lagon

The phrase “Your network is your net worth” has been a guiding principle for many successful individuals. Popularized by Tim Sanders, it was lately reiterated to us by Dr. Michael Posecion during our Rotary (Mother) Club of Iloilo’s 91st anniversary at Hotel del Rio. This highlights the critical role of relationships in personal and professional success. Building and maintaining connections can directly impact financial success and overall well-being.

From my experience, I can affirm the importance of this concept. I have always advised my daughters, students, and friends to invest in relationships. Connections are valuable for the joy they bring and the support they offer in challenging times. You ensure these ties will remain solid and valuable when required by consistently putting forth your best effort and leaving a favorable impression on your colleagues.

Students can expand their networks by becoming members of organizations and groups that are congruent with their interests or goals for their future careers. Consequently, this might result in the formation of new friendships, possibilities for mentorship, and contacts with professionals working in their area. These contacts are highly beneficial when seeking internships, jobs, or academic help.

Conferences and seminars provide workers with a fantastic opportunity to network with their colleagues, executives, and influential individuals. These events have the potential to provide prospects for employment, the chance to collaborate on projects, and essential advice from people with years of experience. Career achievements and new company endeavors frequently result from relationships created at events of this nature.

Through volunteer work, individuals can interact with others with beliefs and interests similar to their own. These relationships have the potential to result in personal development, involvement in the community, and employment prospects through word-of-mouth. The goal of volunteering is to offer something back to the community while simultaneously creating a strong network.

Through internships, students have direct access to a professional network within their respective fields. The relationships formed during an internship can develop into significant references and perhaps lead to a full-time career. Building a foundation for a career begins with internships, which are an essential step.

Through platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, employees can connect with other professionals, discuss their accomplishments, and keep informed about the latest developments in their sector. Consistent participation in such forums might increase one’s professional visibility and credibility. In this day and age, it is necessary to establish a strong presence on the internet.

The development of a solid regional network is facilitated for persons who are active participants in local community groups, organizations, or clubs. These relationships are beneficial to a variety of personal support systems as well as outreach initiatives. Participation in community activities can also result in forming new friendships and opportunities in the professional world.

By participating in the network of one’s alma mater, one can access a diverse range of professionals who are frequently eager to support younger alumni. Mentorship, guidance on potential career choices, and job referrals are all possible outcomes. The use of alumni networks as a resource for continued career development is quite beneficial based on many accounts.

Participating in collaborative projects, whether within or outside one’s firm, can expand one’s professional network. These initiatives allow you to demonstrate your abilities, gain knowledge from others, and cultivate relationships with coworkers in different fields or jobs. In many cases, collaboration results in innovation as well as job advancement.

Actively engaging on social media platforms, especially in community or group pages relevant to one’s interests, can expand personal networks. Social media connects individuals with others who have similar hobbies or challenges, fostering a sense of community and shared resources.

Attending networking events designed for making professional connections can be highly beneficial. These events are often structured to facilitate introductions and conversations that can lead to valuable business relationships and opportunities. Regular attendance at these events keeps your network vibrant and active.

Tracking and measuring your network’s impact is crucial for understanding its value. Set networking goals, record your interactions, and analyze the outcomes. This helps you refine your approach and maximize the benefits of your connections.

The idea that “your network is your net worth” is not just a catchy phrase. It also reflects a fundamental fact about the significance of relationships in obtaining success. You can significantly improve your personal and professional lives by cultivating and expanding your network. This will allow you to take advantage of new possibilities, support systems, and resources that may be available to you. The vast network of relationships that you create is a treasure trove that has the potential to contribute to happiness and success in the long run.


Doc H fondly describes himself as a ‘student of and for life’ who, like many others, aspires to a life-giving and why-driven world grounded in social justice and the pursuit of happiness. His views do not necessarily reflect those of the institutions he is employed or connected with.


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