Writing and vigilance

By Klaus Döring

I have loved writing for more than 50 years. My first article was published when I was 11. In a recently published article I learned that, the stark reality is, everyone is a writer. In all likelihood, we face a blank sheet every single day – a new slate, so to speak, where we, good writers, bad writers, writers-by-heart or by profession, and non-writers jot down to our agendas, our goals, our itineraries, our repertoire, our life.

The objective of vigilance is to ensure that the management gets the maximum out of its various transactions. In the field of purchases, it should get the quality product at competitive rates. In the field of sales, it should get the maximum realization for its products at the minimal selling cost.

Of course, every new page marks a beginning, a fresh start. And, let me quote this unknown writer again: “We have the choice of writing down what is expected of us or we can challenge ourselves to turn a new leaf and write down something that is completely new.

Officially I have been with printed media since 1969. I learned that the following saying fits many times: Always do right, it will gratify some people and astonish others… .

Even after more than six years I like to repeat my words: Yes,  the primary responsibility of the media is to tell the truth. Although, reality looks very different. The freedom of expression has indeed a thin line between maligning people’s reputation and extortion. Telling the truth sometimes throws us into “hot water” or we “dance on eggs.”

Conversely, staying constantly vigilant makes life much easier for you. You avoid self-created problems, which allows you to focus on things you enjoy, you have more money to spend on things that you love or that you need, you have less stress and more happiness. You accomplish more by staying constantly vigilant.

During these days everybody is talking about vigilance. Vigilance – especially in interrelation and connection of criminality rise On the side, vigilance is indeed important, no matter what topic we are writing about.

Stay vigilant of your surroundings. Alert employees can identify suspicious behavior, such as: Putting down a bag or item and then walking away from it. A prolonged interest in or taking pictures/videos of personnel, facilities, security features, or infrastructure in an unusual or covert manner.


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