Writing our own story

By Atty. Eduardo T. Reyes III

Today’s world is cramped with noise nuisance. But I’m not only referring to the excessive ambient sound in our surroundings. My thoughts are also bothered by the “noise” that social media brings. People nowadays use social media as platforms for airing their raw emotions. Most of the time, since the feelings are unedited, the language used would be vituperative. Is that really your story?

Every reader would love for the plot to thicken in a novel. But in real life, we want the plot to be rather lucid and simple. We do not want mysteries and twists or turns.

It has been said that “truth is stranger than fiction.” True, most real-life stories cannot have been authored by mere mortals. The storyline in life is far more incredible. Villains get away with murder in true-to-life stories. People who lack fealty do not get upended. And yes, the undeserving gets to claim the prize at times.

Life is complicated because people make it so. Being mindful that others must live so that you too can live is a simple rule that we all too often forget. Others have moved on. And so must you.

“Live and let live” is a basic rule that makes a lot of sense. In law, there is also a simple rule: “so use your property as not to injure the rights of others.” Indeed, our right ends where the right of our neighbor begins.

But instead of being mindful of other people’s rights let alone be grateful for those who have once been kind to us, we propagate anger, sow divisiveness, burn bridges, and deliberately turn our backs on people who have been generous.

History is replete with characters who have adhered to all these negative and toxic thoughts and behavior; and together, they were successful in creating a world where war and chaos pervade instead of peace. No thanks to these negative people as today, we still experience the “Hitlers” of this world.

Everyone has a story. Oftentimes we just don’t pay attention.

If each page of the book tells of a day in one’s life, how eventful would we want it to be?

We write our story every day.

As I write mine, I start with quietude and stillness. I look at the sky above. I aim for the heavens when I dream of what the future will bring. I am inspired by the vastness of the blue sky and the calmness of the slow-moving clouds.

Too, I am encouraged by the sunset. I know that we will only become better tomorrow.

And as I get older, I am not afraid of the dark night anymore. Because I’m writing my own story and I know I’m trying to do it well.

                (The author is the senior partner of ET Reyes III & Associates– a law firm based in Iloilo City. He is a litigation attorney, a law professor, MCLE lecturer, bar reviewer and a book author. His website is etriiilaw.com).


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