Yanson Family Constitution-5

By: Modesto P. Sa-onoy

IN 1836, the Republic of Letters (Volume 6, p.145) published a novel “Inheritance” and I quote a line which reads: “What’s done we fairly may compute, but who can trace actions to their source? who can fathom the depths of the human heart, or discern those secret springs, which, although they send forth waters alike pure to the eye, are yet as the issues of life and death?”

We are trying to fathom the depths of the hearts and minds of some Yanson family members to understand how they, so well provided for and had agreed in writing to abide by the rules of behavior for the rest of their lives and those of their children and their children’s children, could blatantly violate these rules.

The actions mainly of the Camp of the Yanson 3 headed by the matriarch, Olivia run counter to the wishes and legacy not only of Ricardo but all the members of the family when they signed that constitution. Ricardo must have been pleased until his death that he had already set forth the conditions for harmonious family relations and the progress of their businesses.

But Ricardo and the other members of the family were not able to “fathom the depths” of Olivia’s heart and “discern those secret springs” that now send a deluge of problems and anxieties, including criminal charges not only against the children but also the grandchildren.

However, Ricardo must have known or sensed what could happen to his family and their businesses when he was gone that he included in the family constitution a provision that says (Section 3, Article II), “The business takes care of the welfare and best interests of the family, while the family should always be in harmony to be able to effectively run the business.”

“Harmony.” Wise words that carry a warning of what could happen to the business when the family is in discord.

The public has already seen the impact of the disharmony in the Yanson family. Olivia and her two children had to use the brute force of the national police to enforce their belief that they are the majority owners when in truth and in fact, they have only a minority share. They did not wait for the court to decide but resorted to armed men who abused their authority by enforcing a mere opinion of their superior officers. Due process was set aside to serve the purpose of what can be considered “their client”.

Imagine what could have happened if Roy Yanson who by decision of the majority shareholders was the legally elected president of VTI, had refused to leave the Mansilingan compound? Would the police have arrested him, handcuffed him and physically removed him from the office? If so, for what? What crime did he commit or was there a warrant for his arrest? Could a memorandum or opinion of a police officer have the force of law to install a rival private security agency?

That is a matter for the PNP, now riddled with charges of corruption and secret deals, to determine. The point simply is that we cannot “fathom the heart” of Olivia and Leo Rey that condoned if not directed this violent act against their own flesh and blood. What “secret springs” are there in the hearts of the Yanson 3 as to apparently revel in seeing their siblings face the possibility of arrest or worse, death?

The family discord has gone out of the transportation business to personal assault. The target was Emily Yanson. Her personal businesses, “Ceres Mart” and “Ceres Pasalubong” that used the company compound was ordered removed despite the existence of an agreement that a family member can make use of the place for free for five years and then pay rental thereafter.

There was no corporate resolution or any decision from the Yanson Family Council depriving her of her rights as a member of the family. Even an ordinary tenant has the right to proper notice, but not for Emily. The removal of her business from the VTI compound appears to be dictatorial and capricious as it was made to spite.

The Family Constitution (Article XVII, Section 1, (1) is clear: “Family members should uphold the Family Constitution at all times”. On that score and several other actions, Olivia made their constitution a piece of paper.

Continued tomorrow.