Youth group decries attack on press freedom

The Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition, a national alliance of youth leaders and consortium of organizations believes that the current political efforts to nullify the franchise to operate of the ABS-CBN network endangers vital democratic rights such as press freedom.

We believe that the fate of any mass media network must not be dictated by political whims, but only through collective actions by the consumers.

In addition, we believe that such a move could also risk the displacement of current ABS-CBN employees which goes against one of SKC’s Developmental Priorities: Decent Jobs and Sustainable Livelihood.

This, we believe, could send a dissuasive impact on other mass media networks, and the whole mass media sector in extension. Which, in turn, could risk our access to information, and freedom of expression that ultimately may dim any chance to further amplify youth voices.

We stand with the Free Press as the youth of this nation in this trying time!