10 things before dying

By Eireen Manikan

I am pretty certain that I already made an article about this and as sure as the arrival of the Blue Moon the content then wouldn’t be what I wanted now. Humans, (especially the borderline of the spectrum ones) have very changeable…everything. Aside from the fact that we are gifted with the capacity to think, we are forever caught in the evolution of our feelings and level of maturity that make us opt for different choices all the time.  Simply put, what I dreamt of doing years ago before dying is just totally different now after having been through A LOT.

It is said that moments before dying, your life flashes before you like a forwarded movie which forever makes me wonder if the highlights are given prominence in the flash, like maybe ushered in with a background music of your choice of course, or a heavenly trumpet done by the most gorgeous angel (as for the gender, take your pick too). And what portions of your life flash before you? The good memories? The bad deeds? Or interestingly interspersed?

Well, all that maybe we can try to delve into in another column as again, I am digressing.  Allow me to share with you my version of the Bucket List:

  1. WRITE A BOOK. Cliched as it may sound, this is the surest way to be immortalized as a published book will be forever in existence. I am not an intellectual, so I don’t dream of discussing a scientific theory or a breakdown of any quantum thermodynamics. A witty, funny and heart-tugging love story will do, thank you.
  2. AFRICAN SAFARI. There is something irresistible about wild animals and my son and I just revel whenever we are in any zoo (though I feel sad for those in captivity, I also feel we need to see and learn about them), so can you imagine what it is like when you see them in their natural habitat like the kings of the jungle/forest that they are?
  3. SEE AURORA BOREALIS. Also known as the Northern lights, it is another amazing evidence of the magnificence of this earth and something that everyone ought to include in their list.
  4. FOOD BANK VOLUNTEER. I have helped organized feeding programs and have witnessed my husband sponsor some but I have yet to really be a part of a Food Bank-like org that does it everyday- feeding the needy, giving verbal comfort to those who come. I also have yet to witness their system like inventory, protocol, etc which means I need to witness/do it in another country (Lotto hear me now) as theirs are more in placed void (I hope) of any corruption or the like.
  5. EXCEL AT A SPORT. Okay, this is stretching it a bit. (I’m a writer, aren’t I) Since I was younger I have always dreamed at excelling at swimming, aside from loving the sea so much there is very cathartic about tiring yourself crazy in the beach/pool. I did try and I thank Coach Mark for his patience, would he teach septuagenarians, I wonder?
  6. MANY BY 60. I am blessed with an indulgent husband (as I keep on declaring ad nausea) and more lucky with the fact that we have the same passion: travel. (I hate the packing and leaving part, always) So I hope to add to my stamps steadily when time and finances permit. As I move around and as I used to be a part of the tourism industry, I don’t want to say there are best countries as each have something to offer. Most memorable though in Asia are Japan (the politeness of the people was killing me😊) Singapore (cleanliness very impressive, and so many to do for tourists), Korea for their Lotte world and the skin, my God, the skin! And of course, our islands! Most of it, Cebu, Palawan, Davao just blows me away.
  7. Learning, as most of you know, never really stops, in fact the more I read/learn/travel, the more I realize how ignorant I am. So even at this time when I am nearing retirement age, I want to learn something substantial to my life. Like another course (in Tourism, Business, or the Arts maybe). I might try that distance learning thing but how I loved my post-grad class and the friendships that I forged for life.
  8. I am passionate about some stuff and so I really get how it is to fight for something that is very important to one. I hope to be a part of an advocacy group for the oppressed or for those who have suffered too much injustice, is there such here where lines are usually blurred?
  9. SING IN PUBLIC. My hubby must die of embarrassment when he reads this, but it is no secret at home that this is my go-to activity when idle. Not so gifted in this arena, he says “comme ci comme ca” when I badger; I will have to nag him to sponsor a free show in his farm so I’ll have an audience.
  10. TALK-SHOW HOST. Okay, so I’m an orally-motivated kind of person, and a bucket list is supposed to be things TO DO before dying and not a dream-list but well, at least I tried…before dying.