12th AFAF in Iloilo City

The Asian Fisheries Society (AFS) in partnership with the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV)  and the University of the Philippine Visayas Foundation, Inc (UPVFI) are proud to host the 12th Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum (12AFAF) on 8 -12 April 2019 to be held at the Iloilo Convention Center, Iloilo City, Philippines.

The conference will showcase recent advances in fisheries and aquaculture research and development in Asia. The forum theme is “Transforming Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture for Sustainable Production and Nutrition.”

Scientists, researchers, managers, practitioners from around the world will attend this remarkable forum. Nationals from 22 countries are identified to be attending the forum.

The AFS, founded in 1984 by seven fisheries scientist from Southeast Asia (3 from the Philippines), holds a triennial forum since 1986. The Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum (AFAF), formerly known as the Asian Fisheries Forum (AFF), is being held to promote scientific interaction among its members and the community.By bringing together aquaculture and fisheries scientists and stakeholders from the Asia-Pacific region, the forum provides a venue to discuss regional priorities, common problems, and research findings.

Each forum updates the participants of recent trends and on-going research results in the region. It provides a unique opportunity to learn and evaluate research and also provides the much-needed scientific advice to policymakers, managers, and planners.

The forum has been convened 11 times to date, around the ASEAN region:

  • 1st AFF      1986     Manila, Philippines
  • 2nd AFF     1989     Tokyo, Japan
  • 3rd  AFF    1992     Singapore
  • 4th AFF     1995     Beijing, China
  • 5th AFF     1998     Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 6th AFF     2001     Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • 7th AFF     2004     Penang, Malaysia
  • 8th AFF     2007     Kochi, India
  • 9th AFAF    2011     Shanghai, China
  • 10th AFAF  2013     Yeosu, Korea
  • 11th AFAF   2016     Bangkok, Thailand.


After 33 years, the forum is back to the Philippines.The forum is also significant because within the forum is the AFS celebration of its 35th year of foundation.





The 12AFAF has 1 keynote lecture, 3 plenary sessions with 6 speakers, 27 concurrent regular scientific sessions, 7 special scientific session,  and 3 special events  under the following themes  

1:    Sustainable Fisheries

2:    Aquaculture

3:    Aquafeed and Nutrition

4:    Genetics Biotechnology

5:   Aquatic Animal Health Management

6:    Fishery Biology, Toxicology and Environment

7:    Seaweed farming: Future Prospects for food and feeds

8:    Post-harvest, Food Safety, and Processing Technology 

9:    Socio-Economics, Gender, Capacity Building and Livelihood

0:    Fisheries Policy and Governance

There is a competition for student researches in oral and poster form.

Nationals from 22 countries are identified to be attending the forum.



The ASIAN FISHERIES SOCIETY (AFS) is a regional association of scientists in the Asia-Pacific region with headquarters in Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia. Its mission is to undertake activities that will lead to the acceleration of research for the improved production and management of fisheries and aquaculture resources for sustainable benefits of present and future generations. The AFS is guided by the following objectives: (a) to promote effective interaction and cooperation among the scientists and technicians involved in fisheries research and development in Asia-Pacific with a view to encouraging and facilitating research activity complementation, sharing of information, capacity building and publication of research results; (b) to create and

propagate an awareness of the importance and the ways of sustainable utilization, cultivation, conservation and development of aquatic resources in the region; (c) to promotethe establishment of sections and local branches of the Society and national fisheries and aquaculture societies, and to seek affiliation and cooperation with societies, organizations and institutions having similar objectives.  See more details on AFS here: http://asianfisheriessociety.org/

The AFS is currently headed by Dr. Joykrushna JENA, deputy director general (Fisheries Science), Indian Council of Agricultural Research as president; Dr. Alice Joan G. Ferrer of UPVisayas as Vice President, along with 13 members of the AFS Council fromAustralia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand.    

The UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES VISAYAS, is a constituent unit of the University of the Philippines, the national university of the Philippines, established and existing by virtue of Executive Order No. 628 s. 1980 and Republic Act. No. 9500, with principal office at Miagao, Iloilo.

UPV has the national mandate as the center of fisheries and aquatic sciences education in the country  and is guided by the following goals to achieve: 1) To provide quality education to its students; 2) To advance knowledge through research; and 3) To provide opportunities for its faculty and staff to work for the improvement of the larger community. See more details here: https://www.upv.edu.ph/

The UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES VISAYAS FOUNDATION, INC., is a non-stock, non-profit corporation registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission on January 30, 1979. It was founded principally to assist UPV in fulfilling its goals and objectives and likewise to provide a medium for initiating, assisting, and underwriting activities towards the promotion of educational, scientific, cultural or social pursuits including basic and applied researches, studies and instruction seminars in the social, biological and physical sciences, and travel grants.

The 12AFAF is strongly supported by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, together with the Too Big To Ignore Global Partnership, UP System, Santeh Feeds, Australian Center for International Agricultural Research, Ocean University of China, USAID, DOST-PCAARRD and more.