3 Yanson siblings also open to talks

By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – Three other Yanson siblings – Celina, Emily, and Ricardo Jr. – are also open to talks with their mother Olivia, and siblings Leo Rey and Ginnette after the eldest of the brood, Roy, urged them “to forgive and forget for the sake of their family.”

In a press statement from a public relations agency representing them, the three Yanson siblings said “while Roy Yanson, president of Vallacar Transit Inc. (VTI), has called on his siblings, Leo Rey and Ginette, and mother Olivia to the table and resolve the issue among themselves, his other siblings led by Celina, Emily and Ricky are also amenable to a settlement within the bounds of the law.”

“We respect and admire the hand of reconciliation extended by our brother Roy. We love and respect our mother,” the press statement said.

“While reconciliation is not farthest from our minds, it must however, be within the bounds of law and justice,” said Emily Yanson, one of the board members serving as vice president for administration of VTI, operator of Ceres Bus Liner.

In response to the special board meeting called by Leo Rey on Monday, Emily questioned its legitimacy as the latter’s camp only represents 38 percent of the share.

Celina Yanson-Lopez, VTI’s Chief Financial Officer, commented on the board meeting as a “waste of time,” also questioning its legality as there was no quorum.

“Leo Rey and Ginette hold only 38% of the shares, while our mother, Olivia does not have any shares of the company, as reflected in the 2019 SEC General Information Sheet of VTI,” she added.

Earlier, Olivia said she is open for talks with her children. The clan matriarch, however, pointed out the four should be sincere in seeking peace.

Atty. Norman Golez, who serves as legal counsel for the Yanson matriarch, said she is seeking a return of her share of Yanson Group of Bus Companies stocks or her right to vote among the company’s board of directors.

Early this week Leo Rey called for a meeting to reorganize the board, he was retained as president, with his brother in law as Vice President, Ginnette as treasurer and their mother Olivia as corporate secretary.

In yet another press statement issued by Atty. Joel Dojillo, legal counsel and spokesman of Roy, the older Yanson sibling said “clearly, we should not allow emotions to get the better of us, let reason set the order of the day. The best way for us to do that is to humbly defer to our father’s wishes and bow to his noble intent.”

This is the second statement issued by Roy on his own, separate from that of Celina, Emily and Ricardo Jr.

He added “Let us do this one step at a time, at the very heart of our yearning to reconcile and rebuild is our father’s determination to keep family and the business strong and intact to stand the test of time. That is our point of departure and basis for reconciliation.”