81-year-old man dies in road mishap

By Jennifer P. Rendon

An 81-year old man was killed after he was hit by a motorcycle driven by a policeman morning of April 3, 2020 in Cabatuan, Iloilo.

The victim, Elias Mailla, was a retired chemist from Barangay Gines Patag.

Police Staff Sergeant Joemarie Barrios, Cabatuan traffic police investigator, said Mailla suddenly crossed the road before the incident happened.

Police Staff Sergeant Joan Libuna, a resident of Barangay Agsirab, Lambunao, who was driving a motorcycle issued by the Highway Patrol Group managed to stop to avoid hitting the victim.

“But Mr. Mailla also stopped. Staff Sergeant Libuna then maneuvered his motorcycle but the victim also moved to the direction of the motorcycle,” Barrios said.

Mailla was hit by the motorcycle’s crash guard.

Libuna, on the other hand, lost control of the motorcycle. He chose to ram it into a pole and subsequently crashed on an aggregate stockpile.

Libuna, who was on his way to work, was unscathed.

Barrios said Mailla’s family will pursue criminal charges against the cop.