99 modified mufflers destroyed in Iloilo town

By Jennifer P. Rendon

Local authorities of Banate, Iloilo destroyed a total of 99 modified motorcycle mufflers on Monday, January 23.

Mayor Peter Paul Gonzalez, other local government officials, and the local police force led by Lieutenant Dandy Ilalto witnessed the destruction of modified mufflers.

Ilalto said the mufflers were all seized during police operations last year.

The Banate Municipal Police Station confiscated the modified motorcycle mufflers during several police operations, in compliance with the directive to enforce the prohibition against “bora-bora” mufflers that cause undesirable and irritating sounds.

“We have been receiving reports that motorcycles with modified mufflers ply the Banate roads at the wee hours of the day,” he said.

But in recent weeks, there have been no confiscations made.

Ilalto said most of these motorcycle riders that are the subject of recent complaints are residents of nearby towns.

He cited that the use of modified motorcycle mufflers is in violation of Republic Act 4136 (Land Transportation and Traffic Code).

Under Article IV, Section 34 para J of RA 4136, “every motor vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine shall be equipped with a muffler, and whenever said motor vehicle passes through a street of any city, municipality, or thickly populated district or barrio, the muffler shall not be cut out or disconnected. No motor vehicle shall be operated in such a manner as to cause it to emit or make any unnecessary or disagreeable odor, smoke or noise.”

Also based on existing LTO regulations, motorcycles sporting exhaust pipes that emit a sound exceeding 115 decibels are subject to apprehension.