“Physics is to mathematics what sex is to masturbation.” – Richard Feynman

ENEMIES of Jim Paredes (JP) have fired everything at him including the kitchen sink, but none of them has ever thought the guy could be suffering from a serious mental health issue.

Thus instead of denouncing him, they should have, at least, recommended an immediate medical attention for him, only if they care.

By the way, let us clarify that we don’t see anything wrong for any human being, including JP, to engage in masturbation–as long as it is done privately and does not harm or inconvenience anyone–man, woman, plants, and animals.

JP shouldn’t be guillotined for practicing a biological obligation, or something what all of us has also been constantly doing: Onanism.

As everyone who has read the Bible or learned from history subject knows, Onanism is synonymous with the “withdrawal method” of birth control.

Onanism, by the way, is given a broad definition, encompassing withdrawal (coitus interruptus), masturbation, and any other “improper emission of seed” within Judaism.




We are only worried here that JP recorded the act on video, which is something unusual or weird, to say the least (Gee whiz. We knew a lot of couple filming their wild trysts, but not a solitary sexual act).

We say mental health issue because we normally refer to those caught in public exposing themselves to women while playing with their genital as “sex maniacs” and “neurotic”.

Only an individual with a deep psychological problem can perform such horrendous act in broad daylight.

When most of these “exhibitionists” are caught and arrested, they normally can’t explain why they were doing it.

Police and ordinary people who immediately inflict physical assault on them don’t believe when these “perverts” insist “they don’t know” or “they can’t remember” having masturbated in front of terrified girls and adult females.

Only some of the doctors will believe them, and will recommend for their rehabilitation, not imprisonment.




This abnormal sexual behavior shouldn’t be taken for granted as the patient, or the person doing the eerie act, is already a cinch away from committing a heinous crime of rape and even murder.

Could JP, who already admitted he was the person doing Onanism in the video that went viral these past days, be suffering from a certain level of neurosis thus he filmed himself while relieving erotically?

If JP is being badgered by a health issue, he should be rapped in the knuckles for the bawdy habit and indiscretion; but he could not have sinned.

Even Onan’s sin has been historically skewed by a great amount of confusion.

His sin was actually not masturbation. Onan’s sin was his greedy, selfish refusal to sire a son on behalf of his brother, which, anyway does not even apply to our modern culture.

Onan was of the tribe of Judah, the kingly tribe and the tribe of the Messiah.

That’s why we will never ridicule or cast aspersion at JP or anyone caught in flagrente delicto while engaging in masturbation.

But, please, no advertisement.