A perfectly wrapped opportunity

Producing 300 packs of siomai per day, Susie Dumasi’s products are well loved not only in her hometown in Iloilo City but also in Antique, Guimaras, and Palawan.

Siomai is a type of traditional dumpling that originated in China that later spread to other countries, including the Philippines. Wrapped in wonton wrappers with fillings made of ground pork, beef, shrimp, and or a mixture of the three, it eventually became one of the Filipinos’ favorite snacks.

Susie Dumasis of Iloilo City has turned her interest in making siomai into a source of income. She went abroad after realizing that her income in selling vegetables was not enough to support her family. She worked for a Chinese employer in Singapore, who taught her how to make siomai.

Unfortunately, she had to return to the Philippines after seven years to take care of her sick child. After her child passed away, she went back to working as a seasoner for siomai, longganisa, and chorizo in her sister’s frozen food factory.

By this time, Susie already has enough experience to start her own siomai business. Being a client of the CARD Bank for 13 years, she availed of a loan to add capital to her business. According to her, she used what she learned abroad for her siomai recipe, from the ingredients to its seasoning.

She successfully ran her siomai business with her husband, who is also a CARD Bank client. Susie now has a loan from CARD amounting to PhP100,000.00, which she is using for the continuous growth of her business. All her employees are also CARD Bank clients.

Her business is currently producing up to 300 packs of siomai per day. Her products reach Antique, Guimaras, and Palawan. Now, she also produces chili sauce as condiment to her siomai.

According to Susie, CARD Bank’s products and services helped her siomai business grow and will continue to be her partner in achieving her business’s goals.