Acting mayor refutes Escolin’s election influence claim

Pres. Roxas Mayor Receliste Escolin

By Felipe V. Celino

ROXAS CITY, Capiz—“He shouldn’t claim that he was responsible for my victory; I have supporters and family who helped me,” asserted Acting Mayor Braulio Godfrey ‘Botoy’ Asis, addressing accusations made by suspended Mayor Receliste Escolin on Monday, April 1.

Asis maintained that if Escolin had been instrumental in his victory, the vote margin would not have been so substantial.

In the May 2022 elections, Escolin received around 9,000 votes, whereas Asis garnered 5,000.

At the time, Asis served as Escolin’s running mate.

During an exclusive interview with the Daily Guardian, Asis stated he lost by a significant margin of votes in Escolin’s stronghold, Brgy. Badiangon.

“I’m grateful to him for the support, but claiming he was the reason for my victory is a gross falsehood,” he emphasized.

Asis further commented, “If anyone is to be credited for my success, it’s the residents of Pres. Roxas who have faith in my abilities as a public servant.”

Asis believes Escolin’s resentment stems from his decision to run for mayor in the upcoming election, opposing the candidate endorsed by the suspended mayor.

Escolin is currently serving a three-month suspension imposed by the Office of the Ombudsman, which found him guilty of simple misconduct. The suspension is set to conclude on May 17, 2024.

Escolin has previously stated his intention to support his wife’s candidacy for mayor after his term ends.

Despite controversies, Asis vowed to continue serving the Pres. Roxas community.

Addressing Escolin’s comments on the town plaza’s repainting, Asis stated, “I am doing commendable work, particularly with the fresh paint on the plaza and its concrete benches, choosing colors and combinations personally.”

In a Facebook post last Friday, Asis mentioned that the new paint job received praise and positive feedback, though it was unjustly criticized by some for subjective reasons.

As Acting Mayor, Asis believes he is enhancing the Mayor’s governance efforts by completing tasks previously overlooked. He argues that this should not be seen as confrontational but rather as a continuation of the Mayor’s developmental initiatives.

He concluded by questioning what the public would think if he did nothing in the Mayor’s absence, labeling such inaction as dereliction of duty. Instead, Asis highlighted that he is fulfilling his responsibilities as Acting Mayor, motivated by the desire to deliver genuine and superior service to the community during his limited tenure.


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