AFTER BURGLARY: Iloilo Capitol enforces ‘one entrance, one exit’

Tighter security measures are in place at the Provincial Capitol following the burglary of the legal department office. (Photo by Rjay Zuriaga Castor)

By Rjay Zuriaga Castor

Following a burglary at the legal department office on Monday morning, April 6, the provincial government of Iloilo will enforce a “one entrance, one exit” policy at the Capitol, along with other security protocol adjustments.

“We will intensify our security measures. We will implement changes in our protocol since the incident is already a learning experience for us,” said Aaron Raymundo, Provincial Government Assistant Head and officer-in-charge for Safety and Security, in an interview on Tuesday.

As part of these changes, side doors at the Capitol will be closed off, leaving only the front and back doors for entry and exit, Raymundo explained.

“To enhance surveillance, individuals entering the Capitol wearing caps, sunglasses, and facemasks will be asked to remove them for closed-circuit television (CCTV) identification in case of similar incidents,” Raymundo remarked.

He admitted that the Capitol is understaffed in terms of security personnel, which has prompted the addition of roving officers during office hours, supported by officers from the Philippine National Police.

There are plans to install additional CCTV units as some existing ones are aging.

Raymundo also urged Capitol employees to ensure that office doors are securely locked when unattended and to refrain from leaving bags unattended on desks, as this may tempt opportunistic individuals.

According to Raymundo, CCTV footage showed a person loitering outside the legal office before the employees left for a flag-raising ceremony. Although cameras are installed inside the office facing the hallway and elevator on the 3rd floor, other areas lacked full coverage.

Initially presumed to be a female perpetrator, further analysis of the footage revealed a male suspect.

“The suspect was wearing what seemed to be a bonnet and a face mask that could cover the face. We really cannot identify the face of the suspect,” he said, noting that they already have a lead on the suspect.

Raymundo alleged that the male suspect had a prior theft incident and was previously apprehended for an unspecified criminal case.

Personal items, including cash and gadgets belonging to two legal office employees, were reportedly stolen.


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