AFTER GETTING THREATS: ‘Scammer’ vows to return victims’ money

By Felipe V. Celino

ROXAS CITY, Capiz – An alleged investment scammer vowed to return the money of her clients after receiving death threats from unidentified persons.

A source said that Angene “Bubbles” Dapulano asked forgiveness from investors after she allegedly mismanaged their funds.

The source who requested anonymity said she received a message from Dapulano saying that she has yet to show up and confront her clients because of the death threats she received.

The source added that Dapulano is willing to return the money but it remains unclear when and how.

“We are just hoping that Dapulano will return our investment because it’s our hard-earned money,” the source said, as she appealed to the public to be careful when dealing with investment schemes.

A few days ago, a woman sought the help of a radio station and alleged that Dapulano had fled after her check bounced.

The victim said that she started to invest her money with Dapulano, a resident of Dadivas compound in Brgy. Milibili here, in 2017.

Most of the investors were her friends and relatives and co-workers in the bank where she was previously employed.

Dapulano managed to convince them to invest as she regularly remitted interest earnings to her investors. Her background as a bank employee also buttressed her reputation with the investors, that is until her checks began bouncing for lack of funds.

From 2017 to 2018, the investment scheme ran smoothly as the investors regularly received their interest earnings.

But the victims got suspicious when the payouts stopped and Dapulano disappeared.

In December 2019, Dapulano resigned from the bank where she worked and did not return to her house at Brgy. Milibili here.

Her family said they do not know her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, the victims vowed to file charges against Dapulano if does not show up.