Aklan reaches 98 pct of households   in Aklan have registered live births

Based on teh 2020 Census of Population and Housing (CPH) conducted by Philippine Statistics Authority, 603,045 Aklanons reported that their live births were registered with the Local Civil Registrar Offices (LCROs).

This result that 98.4 percent of the 612,985 household population recorded in the province of Aklan have registered live births.

On the other hand, 8,731 or 1.4 percent reported that their live births were not yet registered with their respective LCRO.

Among the six provinces and two highly-urbanized cities of Western Visayas, Aklan ranked third with the highest proportion of household population whose births were reported to be registered.

Iloilo City posted the highest at 98.7 percent of 455,287 household population, and followed by Capiz with 98.4 percent of 803,879 household population.

Out of the persons who reported their live births being registered, 97.7 percent or 589,195 persons revealed that they have a copy of their live births.

The statistics presented in this report were based on the answers and information provided by the respondent or any responsible member of the household to the questions on birth registration about all the household members during the conduct of census last September 2020.