‘AlengPulis with the CyberSquad’ launched for vulnerable sectors

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has lauded the Philippine National Police (PNP) for its innovative step in launching a virtual helpline called “AlengPulis with the CyberSquad.”

The program targets the protection and support of women and children who fall victim to abuse and violence, with a special focus on the digital sphere, where such crimes are increasingly prevalent.

“AlengPulis with the CyberSquad” represents a beacon of hope and support for countless individuals affected by gender-based violence, which remains a critical concern in society.

The digital age, while a boon in many ways, has unfortunately also paved the way for more sophisticated means of abuse and exploitation, exacerbating the vulnerability of women and children.

Acknowledging the government’s duty to safeguard its citizens, the CHR appreciates this initiative by the PNP’s Anti-Cybercrime Group as a proactive measure to extend help, support, and guidance to victims of digital crimes.

The ease of access through various online channels, including social media, addresses the dire need for resources that victims can turn to without fear of stigma or shame.

The CHR has taken note of the PNP’s commitment to upholding the privacy and safety of victims—a critical aspect of any such initiative.

By ensuring confidentiality and security, the program not only aids the victims but also affirms their dignity and rights, offering a shield against further violation.

For the success of “AlengPulis with the CyberSquad,” the CHR calls for robust support and cooperation across all sectors, emphasizing the collective effort required to combat gender-based violence effectively.

The Commission itself pledges to monitor the implementation of this program closely, reinforcing its ongoing investigative and advocacy work aimed at eradicating gender-based violence both in the physical world and online.