Anti-spam measures slash scam SMS significantly – Globe

Globe has reported a dramatic 67% decrease in spam and scam text messages in Q1 2024, highlighting the success of their stringent anti-spam initiatives.

The reduction to 362.8 million from 1.1 billion in the previous year is particularly notable in the banking sector, with scam texts plummeting by 74%.

Anton Bonifacio, Globe’s Chief Information Security Officer, hailed this as a significant victory against fraud, emphasizing that “The adoption of stringent filtering, along with other measures, has clearly borne fruit in dramatically reducing the volume of spam and scam SMS.”

This improvement is also mirrored in customer experiences, with a 44% drop in the number of scam texts reported through Globe’s Stop Spam portal.

Globe’s efforts have been multifaceted, including an investment of over US$101.2 million since 2015 in cybersecurity. They’ve implemented rigorous filtering measures and constructed a cutting-edge Security Operations Center to protect against fraud and messaging attacks.

The SIM Registration Act has further aided in deterring illicit activities by preventing anonymous SIM use. However, Globe cautions that fraudsters are adapting, moving to platforms outside of telecom control, such as over-the-top messaging apps and employing caller ID spoofing tactics.

Still, the company urges customers to remain vigilant.

“The fight against spam is far from over… We urge our customers to stay alert, verify suspicious messages, and immediately report any scam attempts through our Stop Spam portal,” Bonifacio said.

As it continues to bolster its anti-spam measures, Globe says its focus remains on maintaining a secure network and fostering a safe communication environment for all users.