SAN JOSE, Antique — The rice buffer stock for the Province of Antique remains sufficient while the palay procurement is ongoing as reported by the National Food Authority (NFA).

Manager Marianito B. Bejemino of NFA noted said the total rice inventory of  610,961 bags for the province of Antique will last 123 days as of Jan 24,2019.

Of the total stocks, 23,657 are in NFA warehouses while 61,639 bags are with commercial traders and 525,665 are household stocks.

To date,  palay procurement is ongoing at NFA warehouses at the government support price of P17 per kilo with the additional P3 kilogram Buffer Stocking Incentive, said Information Officer Lorelyn A. Bayog.

To further encourage farmers to sell their produce, the NFA provides P0.20/kg. as Drying Incentive and P0.20/kg. up to 0.50/kg. as Delivery Incentive.

Farmer organizations accredited under NFA Institutionalized Procurement Program could also avail of the P0.30/kg Cooperative Development Incentive fee.

For wet palay with Moisture Content (MC) not exceeding 30 percent, its price will depend on its moisture content to be determined using NFA’s Equivalent Net Weight (ENW) Factor Table.

The agency also accepts custom hire drying of palay with more than 14 percent MC but is still subject to the availability and capacity of the mechanical dryers with a minimum of 100 bags per load.

Individual farmers who are non-NFA-passbook holders could also sell their palay produce to NFA with a maximum of 200 bags for the first time. For their succeeding deliveries, farmers will be asked to secure NFA farmer’s passbook.

Likewise, NFA Antique reminds grains businessmen from the municipalities of Libertad, Pandan, and Sebaste to renew their licenses scheduled this month of January to avoid surcharges and corresponding penalties.

Anyone engaging in rice, corn and cereal trading and processing should comply with Philippine Grains Standardization Program (PGSP) and pertinent provisions under PD No. 4.

NFA Antique also encouraged grains businessmen to secure license from NFA to avoid penalties.

Schedule of renewal of permits are as follows: February for the town of  Barbaza, Tibiao and Culasi; March for Belison, Patnongon, Bugasong and Laua-an; April for San Jose and  Sibalom; May for Anini-y, Hamtic and Tobias Fornier; and  June for the towns of Valderrama,  and San Remigio. (PIA-Antique)