Army’s 3rd ID chief renews call for rebels to surrender

Major General Marion Sison, 3rd ID commander

By Jennifer P. Rendon

Amid a series of armed clashes in the Visayas area and repeated claims of victory, the Philippine Army’s 3rd Infantry Division said it is gaining headway in the anti-insurgency campaign.

And if it’s an indication, “there’s no way for the New People’s Army (NPA) to go but to suffer defeat,” Major General Marion Sison, 3rd ID commander, said.

As such, he again called on the remaining NPA members to go back to the folds of law.

Sison has made the call following the surrender of 12 NPA members in Northern Negros on Sept. 29, 2023.

“May all of you realize that the uncertainty of your future and your family in the terrorist movement will give you the courage to abandon the communist terrorist group,” he said.

Those who have surrendered realized that fighting against the government will do no good, he added.

“We have been telling this all along: you only have two options, surrender or die fighting a lost cause,” Sison said.

It can be recalled that 12 surrenderers including the Front Secretary (name was withheld for security purposes) of the dismantled Northern Negros Front (NNF) voluntarily surrendered and handed over 12 assorted firearms to the government forces.

It was facilitated by the Army’s 79th Infantry (Masaligan) Battalion in collaboration with the Negros Occidental Philippine National Police (PNP) and Chairpersons of the City and Municipal Task Force-ELCAC.

The surrenderers also received twelve grocery packs and cash assistance from 79IB, 14 grocery packs from 1st Negros Occidental Provincial Mobile Force Company (NOCPMFC), 14 sacks of rice from San Carlos City LGU, six (6) food packs from Toboso MPS, five (5) sacks of rice from Toboso LGU, and assorted seeds and seedlings from Sagay City Agriculture Office.

Sison stressed that the government is always willing to extend a helping hand to get all rebels on the right path.

“Instead of getting into trouble, why don’t we just come together to build a good relationship towards the peace we have longed for,” he said.