ASF hits two more Iloilo towns

(Photo courtesy of Eusuya Backyard)

By John Noel E. Herrera

Two more towns in Iloilo province have confirmed cases of African Swine Fever (ASF), according to Iloilo Provincial Veterinarian Dr. Darel Tabuada.

Tabuada confirmed in a phone interview on Friday, Nov 4, 2022, that ASF cases in the province had already reached the towns of Alimodian and Leganes after blood samples of pigs from the said towns tested positive for the disease.

Data from Iloilo Provincial Veritenary Office (IPVO) indicated that three samples from one backyard farm in Barangay MV Hechanova, Leganes, Iloilo tested positive for ASF and were all depopulated or eliminated already.

Tabuada also said that 21 pigs from a farm in Brgy. Buhay, Alimodian were culled after some blood samples tested positive for ASF.

Areas within the 0.5-kilometer (500-meter) radius from both index cases in Alimodian and Leganes were already cordoned, according to Tabuada.

“After sini, ang 0.5 km radius naton nga gin-kordon subong, i-depopulate dun na naton tanan (pigs within the 0.5 km radius). After we clear the area, we will extend the cordon to a 1 km radius to do the surveillance,” Tabuada added.

Tabuada also said areas within the 0.5-km radius of the index cases were the only areas considered in red zones (infected zones) so far and not the entire towns of Alimodian and Leganes.

A specific municipality will only be placed under a red zone if two or more barangays were already affected, based on the Department of Agriculture’s Administrative Order No. 22.

IPVO also revealed that another town included in the pink zone or buffer zone of the province’s ASF zoning classification is under surveillance for possible ASF cases.

“May gina-surveillance pa kita nga isa ka municipality kag sa subong (Nov 4) gina-hulat ta pa ang result kay kagina lang naton gin-submit ang sample sa Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab,” Tabuada said.

The current ASF zoning in the province revealed that the towns of Alimodian, Cabatuan, Santa Barbara, Leon, Pavia, Tigbauan, and Iloilo City are in the pink zone areas or buffer zones.

So far, four towns in the province of Iloilo have already confirmed cases of ASF, including the towns of Oton and San Miguel which have already declared a state of calamity.

Data from IPVO also indicated that a total of 772 pigs were already depopulated, as of Nov 3, 2022. Of the total heads, 688 were reported in Oton, Iloilo, where 25 barangays already have confirmed ASF cases, while 84 were recorded in San Miguel town with two barangays already having confirmed cases.

Out of 366 samples tested in Oton town, 147 turned out positive for ASF, while 32 of the 38 samples tested in San Miguel also turned out positive.

ASF has also affected 81 farmers in Oton, Iloilo and nine in San Miguel.