Bacolod mayor seeks public feedback on water supply

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD CITY — Mayor Alfredo “Albee” Benitez has reiterated his call for the general public to provide feedback on the water supply in their respective areas as the city government continues to address water issues.

Benitez said there should be an increase in the water supply after PrimeWater, in partnership with the Bacolod City Water District, augmented the supply by approximately 5 million liters per day (MLD) from the Bocal-Bocal Spring in Barangay Alangilan.

“I am asking the general public to send in information about areas that still have no water supply,” Benitez said.

He explained that he is requesting this feedback because there should now be an increase in the water supply.

Benitez noted that his own household now has water when there was none before.

“Sa amon may tubig na kami, gin una gid nila,” Benitez jested, indicating that his area was prioritized.

The mayor also shared that he met with Israeli Ambassador Ilan Fluss earlier this week.

“He was telling us about areas where we can collaborate. We can share their technology and experience,” Benitez said.

The Israeli government is known for its expertise in water management.

“They can detect where there are leaks, where there is excess or insufficient water supply, and the pressure that should be used. They have that technology,” Benitez said.

He added that Israel’s water management system is considered one of the best in the world.

Benitez mentioned that he inquired if this technology could be implemented in Bacolod City.

“We should have it in our water security plan to have the latest technology to monitor our water supply. It’s not enough to say that it is 24/7; it needs to be clean and with sufficient pressure. We want a system where we can monitor and check on our water concessionaires,” he emphasized.

Part of the water security plan, Benitez said, is ensuring a 24/7 water supply and maintaining a buffer stock.

“There should be ready water that is not used in everyday needs. We are proposing, and this has been communicated to Baciwa, that our deep wells should not be used for everyday supply but will just be the buffer stock of our water system,” the mayor said.

He added that Baciwa will need to move from deep wells to surface water sources.

“We should always have a surplus of water, and at the same time, we should have the latest technology to monitor for leaks,” Benitez said.


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