Bad TV programs 

By Reni M. Valenzuela

“When television is good, nothing is better. But when it is bad, nothing is worse.” – Newton Minow

In rare moments that I sit in front of our TV set except for news, I skim/skip programs that flaunt and promote the beastly/inhuman features of humans which drive viewers to govern their lives with the same traits, e.g., betrayal, vengeance, murder, cruelty, barbarity, bitterness, heartlessness, greed, envy, jealousy, idolatry, immorality, vices, covetousness, ungodliness, avarice, gangsterism, crookedness, deceitfulness, selfishness, madness, addiction, etc.

The problem with giant TV stations that brag themselves as the “most awarded,” is that the stations and their people appear having carried away by the numerous “awards” (bewitching and delusional) they have been receiving, such that they have overlooked/forgotten (apparently) the need/imperative for them to be responsible with the shows that they are airing, more so in view of their wide, massive viewership. Do they not realize that the public copies what they see/watch on TV (and internet)?

Where is the government?

Do the MTRCB officials perform their job via “automatic/default mode,” impersonal and unthinking? They seem to be doing nothing more than flashing a warning before each program starts, “Patnubay ng magulang para sa mga batang manonood ay kailangan.” But what about the adults who can likewise be influenced by bad programs? Funny, MTRCB flashes the same warning on the 700 Club show which is a Christian ministry program so healthy and beneficial to both young and old, nothing harmful whatsoever. “Default mode,” indeed.

With due respect, if I may address the owners and producers of TV stations: Take a closer look, sirs/madams, at what have been happening in our society together with the programs that you have shown and are continually showing to the public, and then tell the motherland if you don’t share the blame (with the government) – for the ever rising criminalities, depravities, inanities, murders, inhumanities and all sorts of crookedness and bad/evil things that we, Filipinos, are constantly being besieged with – those that you report daily in news programs.

“The media is the most powerful entity on earth.” – Malcolm X.  Let me add: And the media’s power is as huge as its responsibility.

I wonder what good lesson a TV series can impart to its followers when its very main plot is bad and its every episode revolves around the killing of a father by his own children no less. Ergo, they call it “Royal Blood” when they should be calling it “Satanic Blood.”

I wonder too if Tirso Cruz III is indeed a renewed/born-again Christian whose son is a pastor. He has thus far said many anti-Christian lines like this one, in contrast to Christ’s teaching, “I don’t believe in 70 x 7 forgiveness” (Matthew 18:21-22). How come Tirso accepted the offer to be a part of this mystery flick? Royal Blood is an ungodly, heathen, paganistic drama, notwithstanding the exceptional performances of its actors, like Dingdong Dantes, Meagan Young and Tirso himself.

Acting is art, but let acting impress and impart the good – or else it is bad art.

And what about the other present telenovela that banners a bestialized tagline/voiceover in its ad plugs, “Ang bagong mukha ng paghihiganti”? I wonder what is good about a face, no matter how beautiful if the heart that owns the face is full of vengeance. Ano po bang maganda meron sa isang “Magandang Dilag” na tulad nito, mapaghiganti?

I can cite other bad programs from the rest of the TV stations in the country, not just GMA 7. Hope we have not forgotten Kardo, “Ang Probinsiyno,” and the extremely violent acts in its every episode shown on a station that is well-known for exaggeratedly hateful confrontations and dialogues among the main characters in its telenovelas or drama series. TV5 has its equally big share of bad programs as those of the Kapuso and Kapamilya channels.

Telenovelas should not wait until the concluding part of their respective stories/plots before they reveal the moral lesson/s they intend to communicate (if there is any) to their viewers. And they need not over-dramatize the scenes to bring about a point and entertain –  to avoid “after taste,” destructive effects and rendering a disservice to our people and nation. Insane.

The problem with broadcast stations that compete with each other is their penchant to do researches abroad and look for TV programs they can imitate and bring to the country (with a few twists) – without even trying to find out whether or not the TV programs are demonic in nature or whose creators are atheists/satanists. In their lust for profit and to be “ahead,” they are willing to bow to a modern Baal, or bad gods. “Be careful, however, that the exercise of your rights does not become a stumbling block to the weak.” – 1 Corinthians 8:9

Why not rather be original as Filipinos so that other nationalities would be attracted to “Love The Philippines,” not just because of the beautiful spots we have in the country, but notably because of Filipinos (as a people) – uniquely good, great and lovable?

Why not develop our own P-Drama as in K-Drama for Korea (instead of copying), such that other nations would begin to emulate us, Filipinos?  If the slogan “Love the Philippines” doesn’t include loving Filipinos in its goal to lure foreign tourists, then the slogan is half-baked or unattractive, if not altogether empty or repulsive. Meaningless.

Why not aspire to become originals and cease to be mere imitators – forever?