Barangay kagawad pushes anti-chismis ordinance

By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – A barangay kagawad who authored an ordinance against chismis or rumor mongering said he will push through with the measure even if the City Council does not act on the proposal.

Kagawad Dan Depa of Barangay Handumanan told Daily Guardian here today that he has yet to receive an official copy of the council’s decision.

The issue became viral on social media recently.

Depa said he learned that the SP wants specific cases of coverage as far as the  ordinance is concerned.

“We will work on it,” Depa said.

He explained that he proposed the ordinance, which was approved by the Barangay Council in Handumanan, after noting that 70-80 percent of the cases brought to the Barangay Lupon for settlement are due to rumors.

“If we could not totally eradicate it at least we can minimize it,” Depa said.

He also said that the ordinance is patterned after a presidential decree but was localized to suit the barangay’s situation.

First offense will result in a P500 fine and one-day community service.

The fine and the community service will increase on subsequent offenses.

Depa cited a certain case in the barangay where a couple had a fight because a relative spread rumors that the husband had an illicit affair.

The rumor-mongerer later recanted and apologized.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)