BCPO nets P16.6-M worth of illegal drugs in 100 days

By Glazyl Y. Masculino

BACOLOD City – The Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) seized 2,449.82 grams of illegal drugs worth more than P16.658 million here in 100 days.

Based on BCPO records, 138 operations were conducted that resulted in the apprehension of 166 persons from April 18 to July 27.

To further intensify its anti-drug war, the city police force created “B Aid,” which is their vigorous implementation of its intensive campaign against illegal drugs through continuous intelligence-driven anti-illegal drug operations.

Under this program, the BCPO will create a task force on illegal drugs composed of policemen, non-government organizations (NGOs), and volunteer civilians to help lessen the proliferation of illegal drugs by raising awareness on illegal drugs, prevention and reduction of drug abuse, providing assistance on treatment and rehabilitation of drug dependents and increasing coordination on anti-illegal drugs activities.

B-AID will also develop a rewards program for confidential informants to encourage tips and reports on illegal drug operations.

In addition, BCPO will conduct regular random drug testing among its ranks to ensure the integrity of the police force.

The BCPO noted that evidence shows that drug dependents are more likely than non-drug dependents to commit crimes. Thus, a drug-free community is a crime-free space where people can thrive, develop their full potential, and do work and business peacefully.

They will also engage schools, the media, businesses, parent groups, religious groups, and other NGOs in their drug prevention and reduction efforts. Ordinary citizens are also valuable sources of information who may aid the police in the anti-little drugs operations.