BDO boosts key sectors driving PHL economic growth

BDO Executive Vice President and Institutional Banking Group (IBG) Head, Charles M. Rodriguez

BDO Unibank, Inc. is strengthening its support for crucial industries to drive the Philippines’ economic recovery and growth.

Executive Vice President and Institutional Banking Group (IBG) Head, Charles M. Rodriguez, highlighted the bank’s pivotal role in national development during his recent keynote presentation.

BDO identifies expanding opportunities in utilities and infrastructure, logistics, tourism, construction, manufacturing, and professional services.

These sectors, despite setbacks during the pandemic, are showing promising recovery signs. The government’s commitment to infrastructure development, increasing tourist arrivals, and growing manufacturing output fuel optimism for sustained growth.

Rodriguez emphasized the resilience of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and healthcare sectors, describing them as “crisis-proof.”

He noted that these sectors present reliable investment opportunities driven by evolving consumer preferences and heightened health awareness post-COVID-19.

BDO has strengthened partnerships with key healthcare institutions, including The Medical City, to expand patient care services and create more jobs in local communities.

The bank also supports FAST Logistics Group to enhance its distribution network and improve supply chain efficiency and resilience, maintaining its status as a leading logistics and supply chain management company in the Philippines.

Moreover, BDO has financed ACEN Corporation for renewable energy projects, PrimeWater Infrastructure for reliable water distribution, and NAIA Infrastructure Corporation for transportation and mobility improvements.

“Our role is to bring positive changes to our clients, help them achieve their goals and thereby contribute in a more meaningful way, not only to our growth as a bank but more importantly, to our country’s development,” Rodriguez stated.


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