Better, wider roads to ensure faster, more convenient travel around Guimaras island

Going around the island province of Guimaras will be faster and more convenient with the continuous improvement of national and local roads implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

DPWH-Guimaras District Engineering Office is undertaking widening activities along specific locations of Guimaras Circumferential Road and Guimaras Central Road, as well as the improvement of local roads connecting local communities.

Citing reports from District Engineer (DE) Rhodora B. Nuñal, DPWH-6 Regional Director (RD) Nerie D. Bueno said the improved and widened roads benefit thousands of people in various local communities in the province, as well as provide tourists with convenient access to magnificent tourist destinations in the island.

“The widened roads would accommodate a bigger volume of vehicular traffic, ensuring better mobility for motorists and the general public, especially the working force and the students, who travel every day to work or schools,” Bueno said.

“The road widening is significantly beneficial to our students, especially that “in-face” mode of classes are back where traffic congestion is expected. With a wider road that could cater to more vehicles, traveling from homes to schools will be shortened and less costly,” Bueno stressed.

“The better road condition will also encourage more tourists to visit various destinations in the island, thus, enhancing its economic and tourism development. This will eventually provide local residents with more opportunities to showcase their products that could help improve their economic and social status.”

Meantime, DE Rhodora B. Nuñal said that other than providing motorists and the traveling public with ease of travel, the improvement is beneficial to the government as well as in the development of agriculture and livelihood.

“Basic government services such as health, education, social, peace and order, relief assistance and wellness programs can be easily delivered, making the government closer to the people, DE Rhodora B. Nuñal said.

“Delivery of agricultural products from farms to the market will be easier, less costly, and travel time will be reduced, providing our local farmers and agricultural producers with more income for the needs of their families,” DE Nuñal added.

DPWH is currently undertaking the widening of Guimaras Central Road, specifically along San Miguel-Constancia-Cabano-Gcawayan Road in San Lorenzo town in the amount of ₱54 million. The 1.05-kilometer project includes the construction of a 3.35-meter Portland Concrete Cement Pavement (PCC) with shoulders on both sides of the existing 2-lane road. The project also includes the provision of pipe culverts with headwall; the construction of concrete slope protection along the elevated road section; and the installation of metal guard rails, warning signs, and thermoplastic pavement markings for the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

DPWH is also currently widening Guimaras Circumferential Road, specifically in the town of Nueva Valencia. The ₱39.6-million project involves widening of 789-lineal meter road portion with concrete curb and gutter and paved shoulders. The project also includes the construction of concrete headwalls, drainage structures, and slope protection in specific areas. The existing concrete road was also overlaid with emulsified asphalt for smoother travel.

Likewise, DPWH is concreting a 759-lineal meter road connecting barangays of Calaya and San Antonio in Nueva Valencia in the amount of ₱13.5 million. This road connects to Guimaras Circumferential Road, thus its improvement is beneficial, especially in the faster delivery of farm products.

As the engineering arm of the government, DPWH continues to undertake significant and quality infrastructure facilities and services that are responsive to the needs of the people in the pursuit of national development objectives. (DPWH-6)

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