Beverages in bottles, smearing of faces, rallies banned during Dinagyang

(ERS/ file photo)

By Jennifer P. Rendon

The Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO) appealed for the public’s cooperation, as it promotes a safe and secured Dinagyang Festival 2024.

And it would not hurt if the public would do their part in ensuring a safe Dinagyang celebration.

Colonel Joeresty Coronica, Iloilo City police chief, made the appeal after the issuance of an executive order outlining the dos and don’ts throughout the festivities.

These were contained in EO No. 010 (An Executive Order Providing for Safety and Security Measures to be Implemented During the 2024 Dinagyang Celebration in Iloilo City) issued by Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas on Jan. 22.

Under the said order, carrying glass containers/bottles of liquor, soda, or other beverages while roaming around the activity areas and carrying firearms and other deadly weapons (for purposes of implementation, pointed barbecue sticks shall be included in the proscription) from

Jan. 25 until Jan. 28.

Smoking (except in designated areas) and flying of drones [except those who have obtained appropriate authority from the Iloilo Festivals Foundation, Inc. (IFFI) and the Police Regional Office (PRO) 6] will also be disallowed.

The prohibition also includes lighting of firecrackers and similar pyrotechnics.

Coronica also reminded the public against spewing prank jokes (i.e. bomb jokes), “which pose threat to the safety of people or will likely cause mass alarm.”

EO 010 also bans the conduct of political rallies and anti-government protests under the guise of merry-making activity.

“I asked the public to obey and follow ordinances and laws to avoid problems that may disrupt their enjoyment of this week-long event. As we are here to serve you, we will not also hesitate to take necessary actions for the safety and security of all,” Coronica said.

On top of that, ICPO will also enforce the ban against smearing of faces with grease or mud.

EO 010 also prohibits carrying bottles, backpacks (unless clear or see-through), and similar items in all activity areas, judging areas, food kiosks/food festival premises, including the immediate vicinity.

Additionally, regulations for the public sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages are in place from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. on the dates mentioned.

Further, the use of sound systems is also regulated and it is allowed until 11 p.m. (Regulation Ordinance No. 2015-162).

Coronica said that city ordinances on urinating in public places, anti-littering, anti-smoking, and curfew for minors (minors accompanied by guardians or parents during festival activities will be allowed) will also be strictly implemented.

“We ask for your cooperation and understanding as we implement stringent frisking measures in designated Pedestrian Security Areas (PSA) during the Dinagyang Festival 2024 celebration,” Coronica said.

He added that these measures are done with public safety and security in mind.