BIR announces availability of Enhanced Chatbot ‘Revie’

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) announces the availability of the enhanced BIR Digital Assistant – Chatbot REVIE, which will now include TIN Verification/Validation, RDO Finder and eComplaint facility.

The TIN Verification/Validation and RDO Finder are additional features of Revie that will assist taxpayers with their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Revenue District Office (RDO) inquiries.

The eComplaint, on the other hand, is a facility that will help taxpayers lodge their grievances/complaints against establishments for non-issuance of receipts/invoices, tax evasion, and other violations against the provisions of the Tax Code. Complaints against erring BIR officials/personnel can also be submitted using the eComplaint facility. The facility has the following categories:

  • eComplaint NO OR – for complaints on the non-issuance of official receipts/invoices and matters relative to the issuance of receipts by business establishments/professionals, such as but not limited to the issuance of Authority to Print Receipts and Cash Register Machines/Point-of-Sales machines
  • eComplaint DISIPLINA – for concerns or complaints relative to erring BIR personnel
  • eComplaint RATE – for complaints related to tax evasion and/or tax avoidance of business establishments/professionals (i.e. doctors, lawyers, etc.)
  • eComplaint OTHERS – for concerns/complaints on other tax-related matters, such as unregistered business, refusal to issue BIR Form No. 2307, refusal to provide 20% senior citizen’s/PWD’s discount, among others

Revie was launched in June 2021 as the BIR’s Digital Assistant to answer taxpayers’ general inquiries and frequently asked questions concerning registration, BIR Forms, zonal value of properties, and eServices of the BIR. It is an artificial intelligence that can be accessed 24/7 from the home page of the BIR Website ( Taxpayers using the facility also have the option to chat with a live agent in case they need clarifications on the answers provided by Revie.

“The enhancement of Chatbot “Revie” is part of the BIR’s Digital Transformation (DX) Program that aims to elevate taxpayers’ experience as they transact with the BIR, by providing them with additional channels wherein they can raise their inquiries and concerns regarding their tax compliance requirements”, said Commissioner Lilia Catris Guillermo.