BIR surpasses collection target in August 2022

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), under the leadership of Commissioner Lilia Catris Guillermo, surpassed its collection target for August 2022 by 4.46% or ₱9.766 billion.

This is based on the Bureau’s emerging goal of ₱219.172 billion for the said month.

Compared to the BIR’s actual collection (net of tax refund) of ₱228.938 billion, the August 2022 collection is higher than previous year’s collection for the same period by 23.03% or ₱42.860 billion.

For the cumulative collection of the BIR from January to August 2022, the BIR’s Total Collection (net of tax refund) stood at ₱1.559 trillion, which is higher by 12.25% or ₱170.168 billion compared to net tax collections for the same period last year.

Said collections represent more than 98% attainment of the BIR’s emerging goal of ₱1.586 trillion for the said period.