Birth registrants in Buenavista up by 98.95% in 2022

Four of five municipalities in Guimaras saw higher registered births in 2022, according to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) provincial office.

Buenavista posted the highest increase of 98.95%, followed by Nueva Valencia (65.79%), Sibunag (45.45%), and Jordan (21.91%).

Among the five municipalities, only San Lorenzo recorded lower births registered following a –8.70% slump.

Of the total 4,660 registered births in 2022, around 53.50% or 2,493 were females, and 46.50% or 2,167 were males, or a gender gap of 7.0%, a bit higher than the 2.5% gender gap in 2021.

In the municipalities of Buenavista, Jordan, and Nueva Valencia, however, females outnumbered male birth registrants with a 13.29%, 3.57%, and 12.47% gender gap, respectively. (See Table 1.)

Registered births in San Lorenzo were male dominated but with a slim gender gap of 4.76% or a sex ratio of 110 males per 100 females.

Sibunag had an equal number of female and male registrants in 2022.

Registered births by month indicated that 2 of the 12 months of 2022 recorded more male live births than females in September, with a sex ratio of 103 males to every 100 female births and 105 males to every 100 female births in December. (See Figure 1)

Registered live births in ten (10) months of the year were female-dominated.

Figure 1. Monthly Registered Births by Sex, Guimaras: 2022 Source: Philippine Statistics Authority, Civil Registration Service, Vital Statistics Division

On a month-on-month registration, the highest number of registrants was in July at 428 persons and a sex ratio of 69 males per 100 females or a gender gap of 18.22%.

A wider gender gap was noted in June at 25.06%, with a sex ratio of 59.52 males per 100 females.