BOC Collaborates with PTTC, ARISE Plus Philippines for trade facilitation

The Bureau of Customs (BOC), with the support of the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the ARISE Plus Philippines Project, jointly organized a national workshop to facilitate trade in the country.

The workshop focused on the Fundamentals of Supply Chain and Logistics Management for E-Commerce, Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), and Integrated Risk Management System (IRM) Programs for key officials of the BOC and other Philippine Trade Regulatory Government Agencies (TRGAs).

It supported the BOC and TRGAs in creating new policies and procedures for trade facilitation in the Philippines, focusing on E-Commerce, AEO, and IRM programs. It also raised awareness on applying supply chain and logistics concepts.

Asst. Secretary Glenn Peñaranda, DTI’s Officer-in-Charge for Trade Promotion, said the session provided trade-related assistance in supporting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and helped their business thrive in ASEAN and the international market.

Peñaranda said that business efficiency at all levels is critical to the success of e-commerce.

“Supply chain management and related logistics are essential components of it. Efficient logistics systems and infrastructure, as well as e-government and capable e-commerce institutions, will be important in ensuring that e-commerce will be “MADALI” (Market Access, DigitAlization, and Logistics Integration), as envisioned in the Philippine e-commerce Roadmap 2022,” she said.

Executive Director Nelly Dillera of the DTI-PTTC said the workshop plays a vital role in building the capacities of BOC’s human resources and the Philippine Trade Facilitation Committee (PTFC) on trade facilitation and other related technical areas.

Dillera said the workshop helped in understanding how supply chain and logistics play a big role in the clearance process, which “will also impact the way the new policies and procedures will be defined.”

The sessions focused on Supply Chain Management Fundamentals, Logistics Management Principles, and Practical Use Cases of Supply Chain and Logistics Concepts in the Private Sector as explained by Cris John Garcia from the DTI-PTTC.

Participants also had the opportunity to learn from Reuben Pangan, a supply chain practitioner and member of the e-Commerce Promotion Council, on a wide range of supply chain and logistics insights from both public and private sector perspectives.