Bodybuilder proposes to girlfriend in ‘Gods of Bods’ competition


By Glazyl Y. Masculino

BACOLOD City – More smiles were seen as the crowd witnessed the marriage proposal of a bodybuilder to his girlfriend during the invitational sports competition dubbed “Gods of Bods” at the Ayala Events Center in Ayala Malls Capitol Central here on Oct. 11.

John Garcia, 29, proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Jesa Mojares, 31, on stage in the middle of the competition for Mr. Bacolod 2022.

Garcia’s night was made even sweeter after he was also crowned champion in the Men’s Physique Tall category.

Prior to their trip to Bacolod, Garcia said that their relationship was rocky because of his regimen, particularly his diet which makes him irritable.

In fact, he said that they nearly split up. But, they agreed to talk about their relationship after the Bacolod competition.

Garcia said he planned the proposal for four weeks, but could not find an opportunity as he was busy preparing for the competition, which has taken a toll on their relationship.

Garcia said it was his fifth competition for this year alone, adding that “it can be very taxing.”

The thought of losing Mojares pushed him to make a decision. “I was ready to gamble everything and prepared myself if she says yes or no, but I just had to do it,” Garcia said.

Along with the proposal was a commitment that Garcia will take a season off from competitions to work on their relationship and prepare for their wedding which they plan to hold next year.

“I had the ring on me when we took this trip. I hid it in my shoes as Jesa might discover it while rummaging in our suitcase,” Garcia said.

On the day of the competition, Garcia talked to his coach, Mr. Philippines 2016 Wins Hipe, to help him convince the organizers to go along with his plan.

Mojares was unaware of what was happening and was outside the hall when the plan was being concocted.

When she came back, she heard her name being called and thought she won one of the raffle prizes.

She was really taken aback when she saw Garcia on his knees with a ring but readily gave her nod which led to roars, applause and smiles, from the audience.

Garcia said that Mojares’s acceptance made him consider cutting himself off from competing and just concentrating on his full-time job as a body-building coach.

“I am seriously thinking of retiring from competition and just putting up a small business with Jesa’s help,” he said but added that it is something the couple needs to discuss moving forward.

For now, the newly-engaged couple will spend the rest of their trip enjoying Bacolod and reveling in the happy faces around them.

The competition brought about 80 contestants from all over the country to vie for the top prize of P50,000 and a shot at being declared Mr. Bacolod 2022.

The event has five categories in the competition namely: Men’s Physique Newcomer and Men’s Bodybuilding Newcomer which are exclusive to Bacolod residents, the Men’s Physique Open, Men’s Fit Model Open and the Men’s Bodybuilding Open.

The Overall Men’s Bodybuilding winner get P50,000 while the Overall Men’s Physique top place brought home P40,000. (Photos courtesy of Balik Yuhum Foundation Inc.)