Bourbon Street ups the ante!

By: J Scott Sarria

Photos By: J Scott Sarria, Jigs Latoza and Bourbon Street

BOURBON Street Bar and Grill, the best crib for ribs and premier American dining in town has a new branch.

Kaon Ta, Iloilo! was invited to an evening of what we may call one of the best dining experiences Iloilo City can offer.

Although the evening was highlighted by the new branch’s large dining area, the terrace, the lounge, the New Orleans theme and the impressive service of the restaurant, it was definitely the food that rose to the occasion.

From their famous Ribs to the Steaks, Pizzas, Chicken Wings, Burgers and Salmon, Bourbon Street Bar and Grill did not disappoint and gave what it promised, a great dining experience.

The evening reminded us of a Virginia Woolf’s quote “One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well.” So if you are wondering how the rest of the evening went, we had great thoughts, loved the company of friends and yes we slept well, and the reason, DINNER WAS GREAT.

Kaon Ta, Iloilo!