Brazil decimates South Korea to enter World Cup quarterfinals

Brazil crushes South Korea. (Manu Fernandez via

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

Brazil put up one of the most scintillating displays of football during their 4-1 victory over South Korea that helped them clinch a spot in the 2022 World Cup quarterfinal stage last December 6, 2022.

In a showcase of team chemistry and individual skills, Brazil shut the door close on South Korea as early as the first half after romping them with a 4-0 result.

The Brazilians kicked off their scoring party in the first seven minutes after Vinicius Junior cashed in a goal courtesy of a Raphinha cross pass.

Five minutes after drawing first blood, the returning Neymar Jr. doubled Brazil’s lead after finding the back of the net during a penalty situation.

South Korea would roar back and record one clean attempt, but the Brazilians countered with a more aggressive set-piece execution.

During the 29th minute mark, the thousands of Brazilian fans exploded at Stadium 974 after Richarlison’s magnificent ball wizardry which resulted in their third goal.

In a battle for the ball possession, Richarlison had a better position against his South Korean defender, received the ball after looping from the air, and headed the ball three times for protection.

The veteran Brazilian then juggled the ball twice with his right foot, proceeded to go straight to South Korea’s penalty area, and capped off his superb sequence with a stunning goal after receiving a quick ground pass.

From that moment, Richarlison and the whole Brazilian crew made it known that they wanted the win so bad and sucked the life out of South Korea.

Despite a goalless second half for Brazil, it was still a match in the bag as they defended the South Korean strikers well.

Paik Seung-ho of South Korea then scored a consolation goal in the 76th minute but wasn’t enough to spark a comeback.

With the huge victory, Brazil will have the chance to win their sixth World Cup championship trophy but will have to take down Croatia first in the quarterfinals on December 9, 2022.