Bridges in our life

By Klaus Döring

This is not the first time for me writing about bridges. Bridges in nature are something special for me.

Building bridges is building connections, you need to understand that to be successful you need all the right connections; you must have the ability to understand people quickly, find a mutual connection with someone, maintain credibility and focus on managing these connections.

We are all bridge builders during our whole life. I am not talking about the raised platform on a ship or a bridge mounting for false teeth or, as in the bony part of the nose. I am talking about spiritual bridges establishing connections between us and other people – or, between God and us.

Another elementary example is the “birthday bridge” or the turn to the year, that takes us from the old into a new period of life. A very important bridge in life takes people to me and me to people. It does not matter if our skin is black or white, if we are rich or poor, man or woman, being sad or happy.

So obvious in our daily life is that we might even forget simple things easily. Self-esteem, respect and freedom from anxiety are the necessary and conclusive foundations for this kind of bridge.

Small but important bridges every daily – how easily are they to be built: gestures of love – like a medicine; a handshake together with commendation and praise, encouraging words, a warm smile, instead of a superficial “How are you?” and the expected “Fine” or “OKAY LANG!”.

Allow me to say it clearly and directly to the point: Separations result from crumbled or fit for demolition bridges. Destroyed spiritual bridges can be found at any corner. Look into your neighbourhood or, don’t drive away and repress this topic in your family. Insignificant trifling matters, minor arguing, misinterpretations, results in silence – and after the destroyed bridge follows an invincible wall not only between estates but also in the hearts and minds of stubborn human beings.

I was born and grew up together with my parents in a parish house. Up to the time of my active performances – among many other things – I did learn this:

“Build your own bridge to God and never doubt in Him. Always remember His promise. When a rainbow appears, it confirms His proximity and neighbourhood and His faith. God’s unique bridge, a rainbow, is always there and durable, long lasting and solid. The main bridge, which affords passage to God, is the institution “church”.


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