Burning Desire

Mary Ann stands proudly in front of her house which she considers a product of her hard work and perseverance.

Whenever a dream is planted in our hearts, a tiny flame starts to burn. As we start to take the steps to fulfill that dream, it turns into a fire that cannot be easily put out.

Mary Ann Gallentes, a 48-year-old mother of five, is a resident of the municipality of Jordan in Guimaras. She used to work as a production staff for a private company. With this job, she learned how the logging business works.

Eventually, she gained enough confidence to start her own business related to logging and charcoal making. Despite the long process of getting permits to do this business, she continued to strive as she knew that this is the business that will help her earn enough for her family’s needs.

To support her capitalization needs, she sought the services of a financial institution. Mary Ann joined CARD Bank, Inc., a microfinance-oriented rural bank that provides products and services that supports entrepreneurs in the development and growth of their businesses. She borrowed PhP5,000 from CARD Bank and used it as start-up capital for her to start her own charcoal production business. Currently, she has customers in Iloilo City where she regularly supplies her products.

Because of Mary Ann’s dedication to her business, she saved enough to send her children to school. One of her children has already graduated to become a police officer. She has also built a house and purchased a carabao.

When she faced a problem on cash flow due to increasing number of customers, she decided to avail a higher amount of loan with CARD Bank. Her loan of PhP45,000 became enough for her to resolve this issue and to purchase equipment necessary for her production. From 100 sacks of charcoal produce weekly, it is now increased to 500 sacks.

“I also feel grateful that I also became an instrument for other people to earn for their family.  Before, I used to work for others, now I am the one employing people from my community,” May Ann explained.

Like a flicker of fire, Mary Ann’s passion to uplift the life of her family shone a light in her community. Together with CARD Bank, her desire for positive change will continue keep on burning.