Capitol guard given more time to answer rape raps

By: Gerome Dalipe

THE fact-finding committee of the Iloilo Capitol is giving additional time for a provincial guard to answer allegations that he raped a 45-year-old masseuse last May 25, 2019.

The 10-day period for provincial guard Roen Ledesma to submit his verified answer to the administrative complaint for disgraceful and immoral conduct lapsed on June 28.

But before the committee members will convene, provincial lawyer Mae Therese Albacete said they will give Ledesma additional time for him to submit his affidavit.

But if Ledesma fails to submit his affidavit, the investigating committee will proceed with the conduct of its investigation and resolve the complaint based on evidence submitted by the complainant.

Ledesma, of Brgy. Bugnay, Barotac Viejo, was accused of raping a masseuse inside the office of a Provincial Board member Nielo Tupas.

Police also filed a rape complaint against Ledesma before the Office of the Iloilo City Prosecutor.

In her judicial affidavit, the 45-year-old complainant said she was attending to her mother at a public hospital when Ledesma called her for a “massage service” last May 25.

Ledesma then ushered her to the 6th floor of the building and entered the office of Board Member Tupas.

Ledesma then locked the office’s main door and took a bath.

The guard also kept on praising the complaint for having a good body shape despite having six children.

While she was massaging him, the victim said Ledesma suddenly held her left arm and hugged her tightly.

She resisted, but the guard overpowered her. She continued struggling to free herself, but the guard allegedly threatened to kill her.

The guard reportedly offered the victim monetary consideration in exchange for the settlement of the case.

But the complainant declined the offer and pursued the case against Ledesma.

Ledesma has been detailed at Tupas’ office since 2013. However, he was recalled for reportedly harassing some female employees in December 2018.