Celebrating Excellence: Dungganon nga Barotacnon Honors Outstanding Service and Achievements

The Local Government Unit of Barotac Nuevo, in collaboration with JCI Barotac Nuevo Tamasak, proudly honored outstanding individuals during the highly-anticipated Dungganon Nga Barotacnon program.

Held on June 12, 2023, this prestigious event coincided with the nation’s Independence Day celebration.

The annual award recognizes Barotacnons who have made outstanding contributions to the community, demonstrated commendable achievements, and provided services that have improved the well-being of their fellow kasimanwas, leaving a lasting legacy.

Mr. Chieffy Caligdong, former Azkals Captain, was recognized for his sensational achievements and leadership in the field of sports. His phenomenal career and unwavering commitment to the game made him an inspiration for aspiring athletes in Barotac Nuevo and beyond.

In the realm of business and entrepreneurship, Mr. Lcid Fernandez, CEO of Prometheus, stood out for his visionary leadership and innovative approach. His contributions have significantly fueled economic growth, creating numerous employment opportunities and fostering prosperity and creativity.

Dr. Bernadette Ticar received recognition for her invaluable inputs to the field of science and technology, particularly in scientific research. Her groundbreaking work has revolutionized research practices, benefiting the education sector.

Mr. John Lee Betita, a gifted local designer, was celebrated for his talent and creative expressions. Through his indispensable contributions to the arts and culture, Mr. Betita has brought tremendous pride and recognition to Barotac Nuevo, showcasing the richness and diversity of local artistic talent.

Mr. Jose and Mrs. Myrna Mondero were honored with the Dungganon Nga Ginikanan Award for their unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation. Serving as role models for families throughout Barotac Nuevo, their parenting and dedication have inspired and guided countless individuals in their personal and professional journeys.

These exceptional individuals, honored with the Dungganon Nga Barotacnon award, are beacons of motivation and inspiration to their fellow kasimanwas. Through dedication and remarkable accomplishments, they embody true leadership, supporting and guiding others to achieve professional and personal goals.

The yearly Dungganon Nga Barotacnon award plays an integral part of the Tamasak Festival, showcasing the vibrant culture and heritage of Barotac Nuevo. It unites the local community to celebrate the achievements of their fellow Barotacnons and promote values of excellence, service, and dedication within the municipality.